Laser Transfer Printing (LTP)

Digital Ceramic Glass Printing
for Industrial Use
Digital ceramic printing on glass with certified Ferro Inks

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP)

With Certified FERRO Inks

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP)

Serial Numbers and
Alternate QR Codes

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP)

Printing in Silver and Black

Digital Ceramic Glass Printing for Industrial Use

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP) – An LPKF Innovation

Do you want to improve expensive and inflexible glass print production processes? We invite you to take a look at this new printing technology!

LPKF LTP is a laser-based method for digital printing with ceramic pigments. These pigments have the original screen-printing particle size and can be transferred to flat glass with previously unknown precision. Using a laser for printing also enables you to change the amount of transferred ink by simply adjusting the laser power in the software. The process is completely digital which means that any layout can be printed on any shape of glass at any time.

Laser Transfer Printing – The Innovation for Digital Ceramic Glass Printing